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10 Reasons why videos help the consumers & tyre companies

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In today’s digital age it is not easy for a consumer to take a buy decision on any product, thanks to so much choice and information available to him. This is especially true for a product like tyres with almost all offerings looking the same- black round doughnuts. Tyre brands promote familiarity and trust in consumers with constant communication through their mass media advertising efforts. Traditionally a tyre dealer fills in as a last minute influencer and tries to swing a consumer’s choice through his recommendation. However things have changed rapidly in recent years. Consumers are increasingly consuming content online and the web has changed the way a consumer takes a decision. In other product categories video content on things like unboxing for IT products, video reviews for automobiles, game reviews have made it easier for a consumer to take an informed choice. In fact there are very few products that are sold without reviews, and dependence on the retailer’s word for taking a decision is decreasing at a fast pace.

Videos are trending and on YouTube alone 6 billion hours of video is being consumed monthly by 1 billion people. Facebook for which we have data in terms of video views logs in 6 billion video views a day. Unfortunately there is not much of consumer oriented digital content being generated around tyres, especially in India and when it comes to videos it’s even lesser.

In India, (disclaimer: Tyre Times and has some common investors) became pioneers in this space when they kicked off video reviews. As per them after a slow start video reviews are definitely gaining traction among the consumers and on their site almost 75% of the consumers click on the video link whenever they land on a page which has a video review. Their video reviews are also hosted on YouTube. In our recent meet up we ended up discussing their experience on this front. They cited their case study of Ceat Tyres in which they picked up their pattern Ceat Milaze to do the road test and video tape their experience. They said the response has been very encouraging. As we talked and sat drinking coffee, I quietly typed out “Ceat Tyre review” on google and found that video reviews has proved the concept. The search led to the result of their video being listed at the top of the search page. I took some screen shots and decided to make it a part of this article.

article pic 1


As you can see top the two properties featured, through organic and unadvertised search, on the first page are from and -both from the same group. Further it’s the video review which is driving top listing in case of

Now let’s take a look at the other listings which follow:

article pic 2

On the 4th place again on the opening page is a YouTube video for Ceat Milaze review.

Then we clicked on the Video tab and here is what we saw:

article pic 3

Here again the top two results feature videos from the same company. Clearly the video review in this case is helping Ceat Milaze get discovered easily by the consumers. The team also pointed out that this is despite the fact that no campaign was run to popularise the content though they strongly recommended that some efforts to distribute the content should always be done.

Question is, what makes video reviews click for consumers and brands? We have compiled 10 reasons which should throw some light on the subject.

1. People love videos: People around the globe are now hooked on to viewing and sharing videos. As per Mr Parminder Singh-CEO of Twitter India and South East Asia, video content on Twitter has grown 150 times in the last 12 months!!! These are definitely mind numbing figures. Clearly things have changed a lot on this front in just one year. This was confirmed by too. As per them a consumer effortlessly gravitates towards and clicks a video link whenever he sees one. Tyre brands in India are not yet utilising the potential of this and its time they sit and take notice.

2. Video drives engagement: Videos double the engagement of the consumer, increases the consumer traffic by 3x and increases organic traffic by search engines by 157%. These are published figures and I am sure that these figures will not come as a surprise to you. It’s like the gospel, we’ve all heard it, but we ignore it.

3. Expert and independent reviews: There is clearly a dearth of reviews and recommendations when it comes to tyres. In such a case an expert insight that too in a form of a video, coming from a third party at a time a consumer is just wanting to make a purchase could surely be a last minute deal swinger for the brand. This is the kind of content which is best suited for this product category.

4. Google loves video: As cited above in “Ceat tyre review” case study google loves video and drives it to the top of the listing. As a result video content of such kind makes tyre brands easily discoverable. Today YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google and any such domain specific content there too adds to the product discovery , engagement and instilling of trust in the brand.

5. Videos are a Digital property created for ever: One thing which we personally like is that videos are the digital properties which get created forever. It is to be noted that video reviews will remain evergreen and people will keep on clicking and viewing it whenever they want to buy tyres. This cycle keeps on pushing the ranking continuously higher on Google. Just like wine, tyre video reviews mature and grow with times.

6. It works when it counts the most: Video reviews work when it counts the most. Tyres in any case are what we call in the industry a “Grudge Purchase”. A consumer will generally change his tyres when it becomes imperative and the decision cannot be postponed any longer. It is at this juncture he hits online to start looking for the options and make his choice. The video reviews help him discover the brand, understand its attributes and can helps in instilling confidence about the tyre (this is in the case when the review does not have anything negative to say about the brand).

7. Best and perhaps the only way to communicate attributes of tyres: When tyres are built there is lot of thought which goes into designing the tyre, working out the attributes, deciding on the compound mix and the tread pattern to be adopted. These decisions have an effect on the product performance attributes- like dry traction, wet traction, fuel efficiency, cornering, tyre life etc. However there are instances when the best of efforts of the brands go waste as the attributes never get communicated to the consumer. The traditional mass communication medium cannot convey the attributes of each single pattern and product variant. Video reviews are the perfect way through which a consumer can understand attributes in a concise and an effective manner.

8. Video convinces consumer to buy: Recent survey showed that viewers who watch product videos online are 85% more likely to buy that product than those who do not. – This is a no-brainer. It kind of guarantees the sale. This is not different than what team told us.

9. Easy consumer connect: Facial areas draw attention, a voice is a rich method to convey information, emotions are infectious, movements attract attention and all this makes videos connect well with the consumer. No surprise that videos are gaining traction.
10. Great sales tool: also disclosed that they have now instances where tyre dealers are using their video review to explain attributes of tyres to the consumer. As per them they did not expect reviews to be used that way. It’s an interesting twist to the tale and that’s very smart of the dealers who are doing it. As per them dealers are not trained and articulate enough to explain tyre attributes especially for tyres which are freshly launched. Video reviews help them do that. Further it’s not practical for the dealer to understand technicalities of each and every tyre which he stocks. The amount of time the customer spends at the retailer’s counter increases and an implicit commitment to buy emerges.
Tyre brands in India are taking baby steps in engaging with digital media and not surprisingly videos are not yet part of their sales armour. Tyre video reviews are just one of the various ways in which video can be influencers with the consumers. However I am sure that marketing managers who themselves are consuming lot of video content will wake up to this trend and start using similar tools for marketing their own brands. Tyre Times is also in process of launching series of “Tyre Unveiling Videos” and “Company Appreciation Videos “. In case of “Tyre Unveiling Videos”, they will be 2 minute videos which will allow consumers to quickly understand attributes of tyres and take a buy decision. “Company appreciation video” are meant to apprise customers about the antecedents, strengths and after sales service capability of the company. In case you need to consult us how videos can help you sell your tyres, you may please reach me at (Mob: +91 98-18-766217)

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