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Goodyear: Making The Beast Run

Posted: January 12, 2016 at 11:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

So the country has been in awe of what is undoubtedly one the most iconic moments in the History of the Republic Day Celebrations in India. After all it is the first time that one of the most powerful & influential individuals in President Barack Obama was the guest of honour at the most sought after national celebrations in India.
With Obama came ‘The Beast’ probably one of the most heavily armored & safest car in the world. So what makes this car so special and moreover what interests us the most as of course a publication with its focus on Tyres & tyre related industry is the tyres the beast runs on. Now there is a lot of information available online when it comes to the Beast so go ahead knock yourself out. Read all about it, Know that it costs close to a million US$ and that it can counter most of the attacks including chemical attacks. What interests us the most though is the tyres that it runs on, the four most important components of the car that complement its state of the art protective features.
Many would struggle to answer if they were asked about the tyres that the Beast runs on. Well, let us tell you a little about it. The Beast rides on Goodyear Regional RHSII tyres. Now as strange as it may sound but, there is nothing so special about the tyres themselves rather it is the device made by Hutchison Industries that allows the vehicle to run even when the tyres have Zero pressure in them in other words when the tyres are flat.

Nevertheless this does not rule out the importance of the equipment provided by Goodyear as a key contributor to the President’s limousine. The Goodyear tyres used in the Beast are actually truck tyres in the size 285/70R19.5. With the weight of the vehicle it almost is a necessity to use these tyres to tackle with the extra load. Goodyear’s Kevlar-reinforced run-flats tires capable of keeping The Beast on the road for quite some distance. These state-of-the-art tires were actually developed in Colmar-Berg Luxembourg, where Goodyear chose to establish one of its innovation centers in 1957.
Amit Sharma

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