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How to impregnate the male mind –A suggestion for Automobile companies on how to increase sales!

New Ford vehicles are seen at a parking lot of the Ford factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo February 12, 2015. Automobile sales in Brazil this year are expected to post their biggest drop in 16 years, underscoring the depths of an industry crisis that has triggered layoffs and trade tensions, national dealership association Fenabrave said on March 3, 2015. New registrations are expected to fall 10 percent from a year earlier and could reach their lowest level since 2009, following steep drops in January and February.Sales of cars, trucks and buses tumbled 28 percent in February from January, Fenabrave reported on Tuesday. January sales had plunged 31 percent from December. Brazilian consumer and business confidence is crumbling as rising interest rates and accelerating inflation squeeze household budgets, choking off one of the few sources of economic growth in recent years. Picture taken February 12, 2015. (Paulo Whitaker/Reuters)
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A new automobile is on every man’s mind.

You may be a billionaire or a mail room clerk, any information related to buying a new car or a bike is always a mental stimulus that you engage with. The thoughts that follow are full of positivity and time flies by as your thoughts carry you. You’re like a butterfly pollinating the most colorful flowers one can imagine.

A recently concluded study points out that a man thinks about sex 19 times a day- and we will stick our head out and say that 18 times out of 19 the thoughts do not include his wife!

A man probably thinks about a new car less than 19 times in a day – but the probability of his changing over to a new car is 6 times in a lifetime vs getting a new wife, well a negligible percentage of odds.

What happens in the mind gets translated into reality in both the above cases, but a new car turning into reality wins hands down!

The map of this process now leads us to ponder about when is it the right time for an automobile manufacturer to be present to impregnate the male mind to have a better chance of spawning.

The moment when car owners’ minds are fertile, is when they are planning to change tires. A tyre change generally takes place at a stage of the old car having run for 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers – which implies that the honeymoon period is over.

Recalling how the male mind works (19 times in a day), by now he is already thinking of other cars that he could drive.

This is when the iron is hot! At the time when a tyre change is being contemplated is the time for the car manufacturer to consummate the male mind! Try to flirt, court, engage and fuse with the mind of the Man and fulfil his need to buy a new car-at the time when he is contemplating a change of tyres!

The Question is, where do you find a large group of people trying to buy tyres?

The Answer is, India’s premier website for buying tyres online, with more than 600,000 customers coming on this site every year….. Yes, and with 24, 00,000 cars sold in India every year, you can influence 25% of potential new car buyers in a sharp targeted manner on our website.

Let’s get serious about this.

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This method works well for both 2nd hand and new automobiles as well!

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