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Lexus UX Concept to be fitted with Goodyear Urban Crossover concept tyres.

Posted: October 12, 2016 at 11:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Lexus UX Concept is more than likely going to be added to the Lexus SUV range in the future, in some form, after a positive response at the recent Paris Motor Show.

One thing many show-goers might not have noticed though about the Lexus was the tyres.

The Lexus concept car was fitted with Goodyear Urban Crossover concept tyres that were produced in collaboration between the car company and the tyre company.

The end result was a futuristic tyre that incorporates Goodyear’s Sound Comfort and RunOnFlat Technologies, according to the tyre manufacturer’s, Cat Parker.

“To reflect the unique design of the car, we committed to the inside-out philosophy adopted by Lexus for this model, which makes the internal elements blend with the external ones and vice versa.” Mr Parker said.

“Following this principle, the spokes of the rim flow smoothly into the sidewall design of the tyre, creating one unique feature consistent with the rest of the car.

“The sections of the sidewall, seamlessly integrated in the wheel, give the tyre its urban crossover look, while the tread pattern gives the tyre a dynamic appearance.”

The Sound Comfort Technology includes a chip inside the tyres that sends tyre pressure and temperature info to the car’s on-board computer, and this enhances stability and performance of the car when cornering and braking, according to Goodyear.

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