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Mr. Shantanu Parvati, CEO- Duncan Schrader Ltd , India’s leader in Tyre and Tube valves

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Schrader Duncan is presently one of India’s top companies in the fields of industrial pneumatics and automotive and off-highway tyre valves. Heading it is a completely down-to-earth, well-spoken person by the name of Mr. Shantanu Parvati. Pneumatic products by the company meet various needs of tyre and tube manufacturers. During an interview with Tyre Times, he speaks more about his long-sighted vision for the company and gives insights about him as a person as well.

1. Can you please share with our readers a brief history about your company and their promoters?
Schrader Duncan Ltd. is part of the JP Goenka Group, promoted by one of the oldest business families of India. With a strong focus on growth by nurturing customer relationships and manufacturing excellence along with sustainability in all aspects, we give importance to our people, safe working practices, the environment and communities around us. Headquartered in Pune, we have our integrated state -of ?the-art manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon, with regional sales & distribution network across India.

Schrader Duncan’s origins go back to 1961, when Schrader Scovill Duncan Ltd. was incorporated in India as a Joint Venture between the Goenka family and Schrader, the company founded by a German pioneer August Schrader, inventor of the now famous Schrader tyre valve; the very same patented valve which is used in every motor vehicle in the world today.

In 1982, Schrader Duncan also entered the industrial pneumatics business which operates as a separate Fluid Power & Automation Business Unit under Schrader Duncan.

In 1991, Schrader Scovill Duncan Ltd in India was renamed as Schrader Duncan Ltd.

In 2008, Schrader Duncan established a new world class plant near Pune, from where the company today caters to the entire tyre industry in India.
2. Please tell us more about Schrader Duncan valve business.
Schrader Duncan is India?s pioneer in the field of Automotive & Off-Highway (OTR) Tyre Valves & Repair Products, catering to the Indian market for over five decades.

We are an ISO 9001 / TS 16949 certified company and enjoy a strong presence and brand recall in the Indian OEM and Aftermarket segments across all regions.

Our product offering includes Tyre Tube Vales & Accessories, Tubeless Tyre Valves and Tyre Repair products.
3. To which all tyre companies your products are being supplied?
We supply valves to all major and small Tyre & Tube OEMs in the country, including leading players like MRF, Apollo, Ceat, Birla, Continental, BKT and others who in turn supply their tyres with our valves to all major vehicle OEMs in the country.
4. You have set up an ultra modern plant to manufacture tubeless tyre valves. What makes this plant special?
Our state-of-the-art, modern and environmental friendly manufacturing facility near Pune assures defect free products. Valve stem machining and rubber to metal bonding are the most critical processes in tyre valve manufacturing and through our stringent quality assurance process and testing, we ensure reliability and consistency in our products. In addition to this, we have all critical operations and processes in-house in our plant running on best-in-class machines managed by a pool of highly skilled & experienced technicians and managers.
5. The Indian market is inundated by Chinese tubeless valves. How do you see them as a challenge?
The Chinese tubeless tyre valves available in the Indian aftermarket are very cheap and low quality valves. We do not see them as a real challenge since we are offering the best quality product at a very competitive price to the Indian consumers. There is no information available about where the Chinese valves are manufactured and no one can assure their reliability. Whereas in our case, we are offering the highest quality product in the market which is already tried and tested across the world.
6. You have introduced tubeless tyre valves in consumer packing for first time in India? Why did you feel it was time to reposition this product?
Tyres and tyre accessories in India are fast becoming a consumer product. Branding and packaging are emerging as important aspects in the minds of the customer. We have been studying the market and assessed that Indian consumers are looking at branded & packaged tamper proof valves assured and backed-up by a reputed manufacturer. It is in this context that we decided to offer a value-added product in consumer packing to the consumers. This package helps in carrying our brand and the credibility associated with it. Besides, the packaging ensures that valves are not abused but stored & handled properly and the consumer gets the flexibility to carry the pack in the car.
7. Can you please throw some light on your slogan “Life matters, safety matters, valve matters” especially in view of high accident rates on Indian roads?
Tyre valves are safety critical products. It is unfortunate that due to lack of awareness among the Indian consumers, there have been so many instances of fatal accidents on Indian roads due to a defective valve leading to tyre damage or burst at high speeds on Indian roads. It is in this context that as Schrader Duncan, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate the Indian consumers about the importance of using the right valve on their tyres. Our slogan is to create awareness in the minds of the consumers about how important the quality of the valve is to your safety and your & your dear ones lives!
8. How do you ensure that only the safest products move out of your factory?
Consistency in performance, quality and reliability of our valves is ensured through robust manufacturing processes and very stringent quality assurance and testing procedures.
9. What are your expansion plans? Do you plan to expand your product range further or expand your production capacities?
Yes, we believe that there is a huge potential for a Indian high quality product in the tyre valves & accessories space and therefore we will be expanding our product range and capacities under the “Duncan” brand for the Indian and export market.
10. What is your vision about the company?
Our vision is to further build upon our strong position in the market and offer highly reliable products to the industry and consumers to emerge as the most ‘preferred’ brand for tyre valves & accessories in India.
11. Can you please share some details with our readers about your career progression? What drives you?
I have had a very satisfying professional career spanning close to 20 years wherein I got an opportunity to handle diverse roles & responsibilities. For the last 6 years, I have been in a business head position with a mandate to grow the businesses to the next level, both qualitatively and in terms of topline and bottomline.

What drives me? – My philosophy in life is that nothing incredible is accomplished alone. You need others to help you, and you need to help others. With the right team, you can form a web of connections to make the “seemingly impossible, practically inevitable”. I find great satisfaction when I see that I have been able to help my colleagues achieve their goals & aspirations.
12. What do you think our young managers should imbibe to grow in their professional lives?
A strong sense of commitment is what I think is a great starting point. In addition to this a strong conviction and determination to ‘make it happen’ with a high level of integrity and fairness is what I think young managers should imbibe.

For young managers I have 3 practical tips to be effective:
• Do not delay / avoid the inevitable (decisions taken, perceived to be wrong, are better than no decisions!)
• Do not defend the indefensible (don’t keep justifying legacy even if it is flawed or non-relevant in today?s context, 2 wrongs cannot make a right!)
• Do not live in a state of denial (accept & acknowledge that we have a problem?that’s the first step in bringing positive change!)
13. How do you like to spend your free time? Will you like to share with us your favourite vacation spot?
My free time is mostly spent with family. I am a great fan of the automotive world, so I keep following all the developments in the car and the larger automotive industry.
My favourite vacation spot is Kashmir.

From the interview, it is clear that Mr Shantanu Parvati is a person with varied hobbies, who takes a keen interest in the working of his company. He also possesses a passion for automobiles, which is an essential component of this business. There is little that the world knows about tyre valves at present, and through this interview, we hope we have enlightened you a little about the same.

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