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Nokian Launches Tyre safety tech.

Nokian tyre
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Nokian Tyres together with tire and service chain Vianor launched SnapSkan, a ground-breaking new tyre monitoring service that measures tread depth quickly and efficiently using 3D scanning technology. The drive-over scanners are designed to be installed along drivers’ everyday routes – such as parking lots and service centers – and do not require separate equipment to be installed on the vehicle.

“Too many people are unaware of the condition of their tyres, and the threshold for replacing tyres seems to be high. We want to use this new technology to raise drivers’ awareness of the condition of their tyres by making it as easy to access as possible,” said Ville Nikkola, head of Vianor’s Retail Business Area.

SnapSkan is an entirely new tread depth measuring and safety tool for tyres. The automated drive-over scanner reads the tyres while a camera identifies the vehicle based on its registration number. When the scan is complete, the driver can opt to receive a personal tire report by text message or email free of charge, regardless of which manufacturer’s tyres are fitted to the car. The technical solution was developed in collaboration with Finnish technology partners Futurice and Affecto. The entire service is enabled by unique 3D scanning technology patented by British Sigmavision.

SnapSkan raises awareness of the condition of drivers’ tyres

Studies show that about 25 percent of tire related accidents occur because the tread depth is below the minimum level1. Driving with tyres in good working condition allows drivers and other road-users to react safely and more quickly. SnapSkan takes the hassle out of tyre maintenance, as the information is automatically sent to the vehicle owner electronically. This ensures drivers know when they should service or replace their tyres before it’s too late.

Nokian Tyres is digitalizing the tire sector.

Nokian Tyres aims to lead the charge in moving the tire industry forward by creating innovative, consumer-friendly services that take the stress out of tire care. The vision of SnapSkan is to promote road safety with millions of people around the world in a quick hassle-free way.

“There is a big change ahead for our industry in the near future. Until now, the tyre sector has lagged clearly behind other industries in terms of digitalization. It is high time to harness technology to serve motorists with regard to their tyres. The sector needs a bold forerunner,” said Nokian Tyres’ President and CEO, Ari Lehtoranta. “It’s our job to make our roads and environment safer. Our company’s roots stretch back to 1898, and we have been at the forefront since then, providing a range of products and services related to road-users’ safety. We launched the world’s first winter tire and now we are launching the first service to report to motorists on tire safety directly by email or text message.”

The first SnapSkan scanning point will be taken into use along the access road to the Q-Park Iso Erottaja underground car park in Helsinki, Finland. In the near future, scanning points will also be rolled out elsewhere in Finland, and later they can be found in all Vianor outlets in Finland. The service will also be introduced in several other countries in forthcoming years.

About Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer. The company promotes and facilitates safe driving in demanding conditions. It supplies innovative tyres for cars, trucks and special heavy machinery mainly in areas with special challenges on tyre performance: snow, forests and harsh driving conditions in different seasons. Nokian Tyres’ product development is consistently aiming for sustainable solutions for safety and the environment, taking into account the whole life cycle of the tyre. A part of the Nokian Tyres group, the tyre chain Vianor has 1,475 outlets in 26 countries. In 2015, Nokian Tyres had approximately 4,400 employees and net sales of approximately $2.1 billion.

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