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The JK Tyre Racing Championship – The future Of Motorsport In India

Posted: January 12, 2016 at 11:03 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Very few names come to mind when we talk about racing drivers in India, some the very obvious here are the names like Narain Karthikeyan, Karun Chandhok, Arjun Maini & Aditya patel. All these individuals mentioned here have made a mark in the motorsport industry at various levels. So what is it that connects these world class drivers apart from the fact that they belong in motorsport and are world class? Let me tell you what it is; all these individuals are a product of The JK Tyre Racing Championship program which has over the years been the only program to produce such class of Indian drivers through their sustained efforts and initiatives over the years.
The same championship is now in its 17th successive year and what a journey it must’ve been for JK Tyre. The program that started 17 years ago has gone strength to strength with each year that has passed. Whether it is the introduction of new classes in the racing roster or new technological advances being made & showcased by the company this once a year event is surprisingly refreshing and widely popular among the motorsport enthusiasts in the Country. No wonder that The JK Tyre Racing Championship boasts of being the most sought after racing event in the Country or one of them to say the least. These races are held in three main categories aptly named as The Volkswagen Polo R Cup, FormulaLGB4 & the JK Racing India Serires.
The noticeable thing here is that the racing program run by JK where they start from Karting and slowly graduate to domestic and international levels of racing is one of a kind program world over. JK infuses a large amount of capital in the development of the infrastructure and to the promotion of motorsport in India. The company has an extensive network to find and nurture young talent in India with a view of placing India on the world map of racing fraternity.
The JK Racing India Series has the powerful FB02 cars that support a Mygale chassis and are powered by the 1.2 litre BMW bike engines. These cars run under the coaching of Team Euro International, one of the world’s elitist racing outfit owned by none other than Mr Antonio Ferrari. The cars in question here are capable of reaching top speeds of 230 km/h. High adrenaline & super speed! Check.
It is safe to say that to race in the JK Tyre Racing Championship is the dream for every young emerging driver in India with an aim to win it since the winner gets the international recognition and exposure in Formula 3 with Team Euro International.

JK is doing for motorsport in India which, no other company or industry has had the vision to do. Placing India on the world map of motorsport year after year! Now that is something truly noteworthy and for that reason JK Tyres must be appreciated and credited as much as possible.

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