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Tyre Industry Predictive Sales Analysis (TIPSA)

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Tyre Times brings the power of data analytics capabilities to you with the Tyre Industry Predictive Sales Analysis TIPSA report.

We provide you with a picture of what the future looks like, and if it appeals to your cognitive mind , it may help you in taking better decisions. Re-imagine your business processes using a predictive  analysis based approach and techniques to optimise resources and improve margins.

TIPSA can help you to: Effectively deploy capital in fast moving tyre sizes, Plan in advance for removal of investment from slow moving tyre sizes, Accelerate decisions on inventory management, Optimise management capabilities , storage space, Reduce slow moving stock and accumulation of slow moving sizes,, Scale and maintain peak sales for certain tyre sizes.

Objective: To establish a data model that predicts an estimated number of tyres to be replaced by passenger car owners in the future.

Tyre Size Table (Click on Tyre Sizes below )

12 Inches13 Inches14 Inches15 Inches16 Inches17 Inches
145/70 R12145/70 R13165/65 R14175/60 R15205/55 R16235/60 R17
145/80 R12155/65 R13165/80 R14175/65 R15205/60 R16235/65 R17
145 R12155/70 R13175/65 R14185/60 R15215/55 R16265/65 R17
155/80 R13175/70 R14185/65 R15215/60 R16
165/65 R13185/65 R14195/60 R15215/65 R16
185/70 R14195/65 R15235/70 R16
205/65 R15235/75 R16
205/70 R15245/70 R16
215/75 R15

Data Base:

As tyre industry experts, Tyre Times has access to a plethora of data.

*Vehicles sold in India

*Vehicles sold for each tyre size in India

*Commercial vehicles sold in India

*Driving habits of people

*Sales volumes of tyres in India

*Volume of tyres imported into India for different sizes and different brands


The key element of TIPSA is the predictor, a constant factor that can be measured for a car owner to predict their future purchases.

For example, an insurance company is likely to take into account potential driving safety predictors such as age, gender, and driving record when issuing car insurance policies.

Similarly, a tyre dealer or importer or tyre company can use TIPSA for deploying their plans for sales of tyres.

Different categories of predictors are integrated into TIPSA, and then analysed. A data model has been formulated, and estimations are being made and revised as more data is procured.

The TIPSA data comprises of information aggregated since the year 2011.

The TIPSA analysis model encompasses the lifecycle of a car, from the day it is first sold to the day it is relegated to become a piece of scrap. TIPSA derives the quantity of usage of tyres on passenger cars and deliver to you information about how many tyres of a particular size are estimated to be sold for each tyre size in the future.

The lifecycle of the car, the estimated percentage of private and commercial usage, driving habits in major metro cities vs tier 2, tier 3 cities & distances travelled in different tier cities, are some of the parameters that have been quantified into algorithms. The algorithms have also been tuned to take into account the different categories of cars, as established by the auto industry.

Based on the refined algorithms, data inputs from various resources has been analysed to derive an output of how many tyres are estimated to be replaced every month for each car variant.

The different car variants have thereafter been categorized and sorted to derive the replacement tyre sales for each size for which data has been considered.

The TIPSA platform enables you to benefit from a solution from the stages of data creation to data validation and data deployment on a macro level. We would encourage you take decisions without sacrificing your own intuitive parameters on a micro level, however keeping in mind the trends estimated by this analysis on a macro level.

Beneficiaries of TIPSA:

TIPSA for Tyre dealers: You can use these trends estimated by TIPSA to plan your purchases of tyres, and also to create sales strategies for future predications of slow moving and fast moving tyre sizes.

TIPSA for Tyre importers: As importers your stakes in this ecosystem are very high in terms of bulk investment. Information from TIPSA gives you a heads up about which tyre sizes are estimated to experience an increase or decrease in demand in the future. We are sure you will be surprised when you see certain beliefs that you have today, about sales of certain tyre sizes, being substantially different from predicted market trends of TIPSA.

TIPSA for tyre companies: Tyre companies are the biggest stake holders in this ecosystem. TIPSA gives you an invaluable estimation of what is yet to come in the future, and a possibility to look very deep and far ahead. We are in a position to provide a detailed analysis for various tyre sizes with regard to dips and peaks in sales as per TIPSA , which may be considered while planning production schedules or BIS certifications , in case you are an overseas tyre company.


The developers of TIPSA

Armed with over 19 years of experience working with the tyre and automobile industry and interacting with professionals from some of the world’s most progressive organisations.

Engaging with a robust ecosystem, we have the capabilities to guide you on the path to using innovative digital technologies.

EMPOWER and nourish your business by breaking new ground with a trusted adviser who knows the tyre industry eco system.

Ensure business continuity with this hyper active tool for guidance.




Tyre Times has taken due care and caution in preparing this Report based on the information obtained by Tyre Times network from sources which it considers reliable. However, Tyre Times Network does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the Data / Report and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of Data / Report. This Report is not a recommendation to invest / disinvest any resources in any manner whatsoever. Tyre Times Network especially states that it has no financial liability whatsoever to the viewers/readers/subscribers / users / transmitters / distributors of this Report. The views expressed in this Report are that of Tyre Times network. No part of this Report may be published / reproduced in any form without Tyre Times Network’s prior permission.

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