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What is the Tyre Pressure, Tyre Price, Tyre Size & Tyre Review for Celerio?

Posted: September 22, 2016 at 10:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Question: What is the tyre pressure for Celerio?

Answer: 26 – 30 psi.

Question: What is the tyre size for Celerio?

Answer: 165/70R14

It is no secret that the tyre replacement market in India is the next big stopover for all the major national & International tyre manufacturers & everyone is ready to stake their claim on this ever expanding continuously growing market or at least a piece of it. But, what about the consumers? It is no secret that an average Indian consumer more often than not is price conscious while at the same time expecting a top quality product. For an average tyre customer it becomes a very tedious task to identify the right choice of tyres. Tyre Times as we all know is always trying to stay a step ahead when it comes to the industry & with the help of our tyre experts, who can quickly scan the market and pick some value deals for the customers, we came up with the idea of a video series on “Value Deals on Tyres”.

So here are the 3 best tyres for your Celerio under Rs. 2800.

Falken Sincera: Falken is famous for implying safety, security and reliability. The majority of modern cars are designed for everyday use and need comfortable, reliable and durable tyres – and the Falken SINCERA SN SN845 Tubeless Tyre is a great choice.

Amazer XL: Suffix XL in the brand name gives an impression that it is a broader tyre which is in fact not the case. Amazer XL tyres are definitely a generation behind their Acelere series. These tyres comes with low S/T speed rating and mainly comes in 12″ and 13′ sizes meant for smaller cars. Amazer XL tyres are designed for longer life and will appeal to the buyers for whom long tyre life is a prime and perhaps only concern. Buy the best Apollo Amazer XL tyres at low prices in India.

JK Vectra: The JK Vectra tubeless tyre has an exclusive tread block pattern which gives a wider contact patch, decent traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces for a quiet highway ride. Vectra’s bold and stylish look enhances the visual appeal of the vehicle aesthetically.

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