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What is the Tyre Pressure, Tyre Price, Tyre Size & Tyre Review for Honda Jazz

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Question: What is the tyre pressure for  Honda Jazz?

Answer: 29 psi

Question: What is the tyre size for  Honda Jazz?

Answer: 175/65 R15

 Three best tyres for Honda Jazz under Rs. 3500.

It is no secret that the tyre replacement market in India is the next big stopover for all the major national & International tyre manufacturers & everyone is ready to stake their claim on this ever expanding continuously growing market or at least a piece of it. But, what about the consumers? It is no secret that an average Indian consumer more often than not is price conscious while at the same time expecting a top quality product. For an average tyre customer it becomes a very tedious task to identify the right choice of tyres. Tyre Times as we all know is always trying to stay a step ahead when it comes to the industry & with the help of our tyre experts, who can quickly scan the market and pick some value deals for the customers, we came up with the idea of a video series on “Value Deals on Tyres”.

So here are the 3 best tyres for your ____

Goodyear GT 3: The Goodyear GT3 tyre is about comfort and value. But most importantly, the GT3 is about giving you the safest tyres we know how to build. Its innovative Bubble BladeTM tread block design works equally well in wet or dry conditions, while tie-bars enhance the car’s handling in just about any situation. This radial GT3 tyre is for the driver whose priorities match our priorities- safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Ceat Milaze: The Ceat Milaze tyre is an intelligent product which has been engineered to suit Indian road and climatic conditions. The Ceat Milaze tyre offers an excellent grip and traction for both on road and off road ride. It has good maneuverability and will stick on turns and wet conditions.

Ceat Milaz is recommended for people looking for safe ride on chaotic and indifferent road conditions and traffic. Milaze have been attractively priced and are value for money buy. This tyre also offer the most comprehensive warranty in the country which reflects confidence in the performance and endurance of their product.

Falken Sincera: Falken is famous for implying safety, security and reliability. The majority of modern cars are designed for everyday use and need comfortable, reliable and durable tyres – and the Falken SINCERA SN SN845 Tubeless Tyre is a great choice.

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