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What is the Tyre Pressure, Tyre Price, Tyre Size & Tyre Review for Tata Aria?

Posted: September 22, 2016 at 9:23 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Question: What is the tyre pressure for Tata Aria ?

Answer: 30 – 32 psi.

Question: What is the tyre size for Tata Aria ?

Answer: 235/65 R17


It is no secret that the tyre replacement market in India is the next big stopover for all the major national & International tyre manufacturers & everyone is ready to stake their claim on this ever expanding continuously growing market or at least a piece of it. But, what about the consumers? It is no secret that an average Indian consumer more often than not is price conscious while at the same time expecting a top quality product. For an average tyre customer it becomes a very tedious task to identify the right choice of tyres. Tyre Times as we all know is always trying to stay a step ahead when it comes to the industry & with the help of our tyre experts, who can quickly scan the market and pick some value deals for the customers, we came up with the idea of a video series on “Value Deals on Tyres”.

So here are the 3 best tyres for your Tata Aria.

Ceat CZAR: Ceat Czar is built for a comfortable and safe ride on highways. It comes with a square-shaped robust shoulder, a rim protector and tread groove profiling for handling potholes on roads. Noise due to uneven tyre wear is very low. It can also be used for mild off-road driving.

Kenda Klever: The Kenda Klever features an aggressive tread pattern that’s engineered to provide unstoppable traction in boggy conditions. The tyre’s shoulder lugs are self-cleaning marvels, shedding mud and water effortlessly. The Klever’s proprietary tread compound ensures that the tyre wears evenly, which in turn increases the tire’s longevity. Meanwhile, the two twin belts and thick sidewall protect against punctures.

Nexen SP – 7: The Nexen SP – 7 is a high performance all-season tyre offering ultra quiet driving from the optimized sectional design that reduces pattern noise. The rigid shoulder block design offers heightened tight cornering and stable handling while speed responsiveness and superior steering are handled by the straight center semi-dual rib. Wet traction is maximized by the four straight wide grooves offering anti-hydroplaning performance.

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