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Why do rubber products fail (8 Reasons) – Tyre & Non Tyre. By: Dr. S.N. Chakravarty

8 Reason for rubber products failure
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Rubber products, both Tyre & Non-Tyre goods, are used in indoor and outdoor application under various conditions. Some are expected to withstand atmospheric conditions (Oxygen, Ozone, Sunlight & UV), others under dynamic condition (flex fatigue, typical example is Tyre which goes thru million cycle of compression & deflection), still some other products need to withstand high temperature and / or in contact to oil & solvent (e.g. automotive components under the hood application).

While developing & manufacturing a rubber product all these factors are kept in mind while formulating the compound & curing of the products.

Let us see what are different factors which could be the cause of failure of rubber products during usage.


Scrap Tyre Yard

Scrap Tyre Yard


Failed Tyre

failed auto seal

Failed Auto Seal

Below are listed possible causes for such failure –

  1. Application / Service related factors

To develop a rubber product most important information required are its application / usage pattern.

To find out whether the product is

  1. a) subjected  to weather conditions Oxygen / Ozone / UV / Sun Light / UV etc.
  2. b) Temperature of usage
  3. e) Dynamic application (Flex Fatigue)
  4. d) Abrasion / Wear condition
  5. e) Contact with Oil & Solvents, Chemicals, Acid & Alkali etc.

Lecture delivered at Kolkata , Chennai, Ludhiana, Delhi, India

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